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After nearly eight years in Colorado working in the corporate world, Jake Hendershot returned home to Kansas City with the dream to bring new life to the family business, Pandolfi’s Deli.  Founded by his parents, Mike Hendershot and Linda Pandolfi Hendershot, in the shadows of William Jewell College and the Liberty Square in Liberty, Missouri in 2002, Pandolfi’s quickly became a local favorite.

In 2010, Jake chose historic Columbus Park as the home for a new and improved Pandolfi’s Deli experience.  Real-estate entrepreneur Roberto Pandolfi, Jake’s grandfather and the owner of the Lapetina building, made Jake an offer he couldn’t refuse.  With that, Jake decided the Lapetina Building would be a wonderful fit for this family venture.

To set Pandolfi’s apart from the other fabulous delis in Kansas City, Jake quickly began a program to support those who need or wish to consume a gluten free diet. The success and overwhelming popularity of our gluten free program led to an expansion, and we now accommodate as many potential food allergies as possible from our kitchen. Our traditional family recipes and Kansas City favorites like the Muffaletta and Meatball Sub are menu highlights. We are also proud to expand our palates beyond the traditional with unique daily specials and modern creations. Chef Jeff is the mastermind behind the home-baked gluten free bread, Blondie, and the daily specials advertised via Facebook and Twitter.

Just as Jake dreamed of revitalizing the family business, we like to dream big at Pandolfi’s.  In 2012, Chef Grant – Jakes friend, instigator and neighbor since they were ten years old – joined the team to support an expanded deli and catering business, as well as launch a weekend dinner service.  Wonderful reviews and customer support were a blessing during this period.

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While the dinner expansion was a dream come true, we decided it was more important to focus on the heart of our business and do what we do best – work hard and dedicate our time to be the best deli in Kansas City.  So while Chef Grant no longer cooks weekly dinners, quarterly special events are planned to continue this tradition. “Like” us on Facebook for updates on Chef Grant dinners. As you can guess, these sell out quickly.

Tradition is our greatest pride at Pandolfi’s.  The family tradition contributes to the growing tradition of those who choose to work with us and dine with us – we consider all past and present Pandolfi’s staff and guests our family.  We are proud and thankful of the contributions of many to make Pandolfi’s what we are today – a family and locally owned restaurant focused on serving high-quality, nutritious foods to and with people we love.

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